Customer Identity Access Management explained:

CIAM refers to Customer Identity Access Management, focusing on the management of customer identities and their access within an organisation. CIAM provides you with insight into the lifecycle of a customer and their identity, enabling you to optimise your services and applications.

Why is CIAM important?

CIAM is a collection of capabilities built specifically for customers who interact with apps every day so it applies anywhere there is a customer signing in to an online account. Our strong strategy will help you to create a simple customer experience that meets all security and compliance requirements, provides customer data protection, customer trust and application life-cycle management.

Join CyberIAM and Robert Block, senior vice president at Strivacity for our upcoming webinar where they’ll cover:

• What’s CIAM and how is it different to other identity solutions?

• Common pitfalls to avoid with your CIAM project and how to address them

• Who should own CIAM in your organisation?

• The questions your marketing team will ask about CIAM and what you should say