Darran Rolls Takes the Lead in CyberIAM's Show Floor Session on ServiceIAM

Keep an eye out for CyberIAM's speaking session on Tuesday, 5 March, at 13:10, led by industry veteran Darran Rolls. Don't miss out on insights from a seasoned professional!


Don't worry if you can't make it, the session will be recorded and available for download later today.


In this session, industry veteran Darran Rolls will delve into the transformative journey of Identity Management, analysing the evolution of tools, techniques, and best practices. Attendees will gain insights into recent technology advancements that are driving faster development, better integration and improved net IAM system visibility. This session will cover how deployment and onboarding challenges are driving the selection of vendor products and deployment partnerships.  With a focus on real-world experiences, Darran will highlight the significance of adopting innovative approaches to IAM program management and how to reduce the burden of owning, deploying and maintaining enterprise identity management solutions.  Join us to discover how to streamline complexity, ensure security and get the maximum business value from your chosen identity management solutions.