What does CyberIAM offer?

Designing, implementing and managing your identity security solutions so you don’t have to. CyberIAM provides a platform offering a multitude of services to fortify your cybersecurity perimeter, delivered and continuously managed by our highly trained experts, enabling you to focus on the main aspects of your business.

We offer:

Advisory Services, Professional Services, Expert Services, Managed Services, Managed Identity Services Platform, Support Services

Virtual Identity Platform

We work with you to identify your position and whether greenfield or halfway through your Identity journey, we provide you with the best solutions for your needs. Depending on the plan you choose, we can also implement, run, support, manage your project and much more.

CyberIAM Services

Advisory Services

Our business consulting services take care of strategy, architecture, solution delivery and development for a range of both bespoke and vendor products.

Expert Services

Our Expert Services are an insurance policy beyond project completion, we provide service hours that can be drawn on to assist with business-as-usual (BAU) tasks.

Managed Services

We run and manage your BAU identity implementation beyond project completion. Our highly skilled experts take on responsibility of maintaining your IAM implementation.

Current State Assessment

CyberIAM assess your needs as a business and design an implementation plan by carrying out a maturity assessment, using our Virtual Identity Platform.

Professional Services

We offer a team of highly trained professionals to manage and run your project as part of our Professional Services offering.

Support Services

Our support packages provide a pool of hours delivered by our skilled engineers to assist your team with resolving any bugs and issues.