To secure your business and meet your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) needs, we work with top IGA specialists, SailPoint.

SailPoint Products

SailPoint harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate and streamline the complexity of delivering identity access and technology resources at the right time, at scale to meet customer demand. Focused on advancing technology to meet these needs, SailPoint serve up the following market leading products:

SailPoint IDN and IIQ

  • IdentityNow (IDN) is SailPoint’s modern SaaS based solution for a centralised way to control access for all users across hybrid IT environments whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. IIQ is their on-prem solution, allowing you to automate access approval processes and manage user access to apps and data across IT resources.

    SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

  • This secures your enterprise and empowers your workforce using AI to support your organisation. The Identity Security Cloud offers a less complex approach to ensuring a critical capability, delivering the essentials for most organisations and offering add-ons for specific needs.


  • SailPoint’s identity driven ecosystem of connectors and integrations allows you to improve IT efficiency for rapid on-boarding of apps, protect access to data with centralised controls and policies and ensure access always adheres to data privacy and compliance regulations.

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    How We Work Together

    SailPoint has been one of our top vendors since we started CyberIAM back in 2016, partnering with us to deploy expert teams to manage, deliver and run innovative solutions that address some of the world's most dynamic security issues.

    In collaboration, CyberIAM deploys teams into your company to provide the following services centered around SailPoint’s software.

    Professional Services will fully deploy and implement the IGA solution into your business

    Managed Services will maintain it for you and keep everything running smoothly

    Expert Services will act as a safety net, there to work alongside your existing team to provide assistance and give expert advice if you need help

    Support Services are there for you, prepared and ready to resolve any possible complications you could encounter

    The many highly trained experts in our team have successfully implemented SailPoint’s IGA solutions for a wide variety of our global market leading customers and we have now been crowned SailPoint Admiral Delivery Partner for three years in a row!

    Why choose CyberIAM as your SailPoint partner?

    We want to make sure you’re safe and get the best service possible, so before you select your SailPoint provider, make sure they have been awarded SailPoint’s admiral delivery status. If they have not obtained this status, they are not qualified or equipped to implement and manage the solution for you.

    “Becoming a Delivery Admiral takes a great deal of commitment and dedication, from hours of training to completing rigorous certifications,” says Meredith Blanchar, SVP of Customer Success.

    SailPoint stipulates that to be eligible for Delivery Admiral, a partner would need to meet the following criteria:

    Minimum 6 certified consultants - At CyberIAM, we have 18 certified consultants ranging from SailPoint IdentityNow and IdentityIQ Engineers to IdentityIQ Architects, and this number is still growing as we endeavour to stay up to date with SailPoint’s certifications, demonstrating our dedication and commitment to staying current with SailPoint’s growing identity platform.

    More than 3 new developments – CyberIAM have 8!

    Multiple successful implementations with highly referenceable customers – By having a wealth of satisfied customers across a variety of industries such as retail, banking, insurance, law enforcement and telecommunications, we qualified to be awarded Admiral Delivery Partner for Saas and software for the third year in a row.

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