Our Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) offering is powered by one of our amazing vendor partners, Strivacity.

We work together to bring you a compelling CIAM solution which not only gives you an easy-to-use platform to secure your customer identities for access management, but also access a team of highly skilled experts who will take on the responsibility of implementing and maintaining your new CIAM solution.

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Strivacity’s Offering

Strivacity provides the most comprehensive solution for solving the constantly evolving problems of customer identity and access management (CIAM). Something that sets Strivacity apart is that you don’t need a “How to IAM” manual to add authentication and adaptive access controls to your customer-facing sites. The low-code approach makes it easy to add Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) along with step-up and step-down rules which shrink risk. Strivacity offers the following capabilities:

  • Adaptive access controls - Start with one of Strivacity’s pre-built scenarios (including passwordless), select your MFA methods and choose when to step up security. Add social login providers with a few clicks. You have 100% control over branding and messaging so you can create a consistent experience

  • Consent management - Simply choose which consents you need, who you need them from and then start collecting them with a few clicks. Customers can even view and manage their own consents

  • Customer experience canvas - Marketing and customer experience teams log in to Strivacity to customize branding and messaging for login screens, notification emails and even the wording in SMS texts

  • Fraud detection - Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity

  • Identity verification - choose from all of the common identity verification techniques including phone record matching, knowledge-based questions and even document verification

  • Lifecycle event orchestration - Use pre-built integrations from Strivacity’s plug-in library or create (and test, run and secure) integrations to any app in their serverless dev environment without leaving the platform

  • Registration and self-service - Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account

Are You Looking for Guidance on CIAM

Contact us using the form below and a member of our highly skilled team will be in touch ASAP. Read more about Strivacity by downloading a dedicated features brochure below.

How We Work Together

In collaboration with Strivacity, CyberIAM deploys teams into your company to provide the following services centered around Strivacity’s software to ensure full security for you and your customers’ identities.

Professional Services  will fully deploy and implement the PAM solution into your business

Managed Services  will maintain it for you and keep everything running smoothly

Expert Services  will act as a safety net, there to work alongside your existing team to provide assistance and give expert advice if you need help

Support Services  are there for you, prepared and ready to resolve any possible complications you could encounter

We hold many highly trained experts in our team, all of which possessing extensive skills and experience in successfully deploying and implementing identity security solutions for a wide variety of our global market leading customers. You can see a wide variety of our customer base on our home page .

Why choose CyberIAM?

Our stellar reputation speaks for itself, from years of consistent commitment to relationships with vendors and customers to the countless awards our various teams bring home. You can read about many of these featured on our blog.

CyberIAM are offering:

Affordability –  Reduce costs by removing the necessity of hiring niche, expensive staff and resources and paying for long service engagements

Simplicity – With zero and configuration and pre-configured workflows for any existing apps, this process is incredibly straight forward

Specificity – Born in the cloud and built for the entirety of customer identity problems, you get full and specialised focus when you sign up

CyberIAM’s offering provides the most comprehensive solution for the constantly evolving problems of customer identity and access management. Available as a 3-year subscription, you will have access to all the necessary services that support your business throughout its CIAM journey, allowing you to maximise revenue, customer loyalty and business value for every customer interaction.

More than just a license subscription, we are providing the added safety of a fully managed, end-to-end CIAM platform, with implementation and support all for one competitive price.

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