Managed Services

With Managed Services, CyberIAM offers to run and manage your business-as-usual (BAU) identity implementation beyond completion of the project. We offer a team of highly skilled experts who will take on the responsibility of maintaining your implementation and ensure that your solution runs seamlessly and without interruption.

Our Managed Services offering allows your business to focus on its core objectives, giving you access to the latest technology and industry experts in order to maintain a competitive edge in your respective industry.

Benefits of Managed Services include:

We know the best practices needed in order to implement and upgrade a solution in accordance with industry standards, which has the added benefit of saving time and money.

We work according to a timetable set out in our Time and Materials contract or Fixed Price contract, you will never pay for anything you didn't agree to in the beginning.

Our experts will help you with planning the scope of your project to set realistic and achievable deadlines.

Contractor rates are often similar or close to our own rates, with the key difference being that we have a predetermined contract, while contractors charge hourly.

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