What is ServiceIAM

ServiceIAM is our multi-tenant cloud platform which enables CyberIAM to deliver the highest quality Managed Services which pertain to security standards, detection of problems and tracking of issues to fix them as quickly as possible. ServiceIAM provides a clean, efficient desktop overview of your IDAM environment, making it easier to understand and act on the issues that are raised.

Vendors that ServiceIAM supports:

Benefits of ServiceIAM:

After reaching out to our customers to find directly what they need from their identity software services, we have learned the following invaluable customer challenges.

Main Challenges include:

Cost - This in terms of finance, time and resources. Can you really have someone performing a manual health check every day? Week? Month? If not this can leave the business vulnerable to huge risk

Lack of visibility – With state-of-the-art technologies coming from multiple different vendors, not seeing your full environments health further increases risk but also costs

Complex Security - with ever changing requirements you are having to adapt, change or even on-board new technologies from multiple vendors to stay ahead. Resulting in an ever more complex security solution with multiple different views

No One Company - No single company allows for a single pane of glass view into your identity environments health. A crucial need therefore for something to lead from the front, in giving accurate, real time, simplistic views of your whole identity landscape

How Does ServiceIAM Address These Challenges?

ServiceIAM - is cloud platform with its development and drive focused on efficiency, speed and automation. Giving you insight on key vendor details such as licensing utilisation, Safe password rotation, access requests and much much more

Dashboard – Our dashboard serves up real time data in general and vendor specific dashboards. They are fully customisable, ensuring you get to see what is most important to you with no barriers on having multiple vendor views on one dashboard

Single Pane of Glass - ServiceIAM allows you to see your identity landscape through one view, regardless of if you are onboarding a new vendor or have had one for 5 years. ServiceIAM can be connected and start reporting what good looks like to your business

Alerts - Automation is key, and ServiceIAM is being developed to handle alerts and their fixes automatically. Automatically, Resulting in quicker more efficient solutions that keeps your environments health in peak condition

Our Dashboard

ServiceIAM is the expertly crafted, finely tuned solution to every one of the problems our customers were facing before we stepped in, enabling a seamless interface for you to engage with your environment at the greatest of ease. Have a sneak peek at ServiceIAM's interface.



Brand new platform-based solution that gives visibility of assets based on the risk.


Single Pane of Glass

See the health of all of your environments in one place, regardless of which vendor is being used.


Environment Health

Providing proactive action instead of reactive actions on issues with automation, speed and efficiency at the core of its development. A product that gives you the ability to see your full environment landscape.



Measuring what good looks like by taking snapshots of how your environment is now compared to a months' time. Showing you an increase of security and reduction in risk.



Showing progress and displaying information issues accruing in your environment.



Customer driven developments and constant product & platform enhancements.



see multiple views customised for your way of working. See how the solutions works for you and not against you.



Be informed at a high level when an issues arises and be given the ability to not only timeline but also map out the issue.



Maintaining a high level of security is a paramount. Utilizing dashboards is the best way to see what is the most important when it comes to your environment's health.

ServiceIAM is our multi-tenant cloud platform which enables CyberIAM to deliver the highest quality Managed Services which pertain to security standards, detection of problems and tracking of issues to fix hem as quickly as possible. ServiceIAM provides a clean desktop view for easier tracking and faster action.

CyberIAM Services

Advisory Services

Our business consulting services take care of strategy, architecture, solution delivery and development for a range of both bespoke and vendor products.

Expert Services

Our Expert Services are an insurance policy beyond project completion, we provide service hours that can be drawn on to assist with business-as-usual (BAU) tasks.

Managed Services

We run and manage your BAU identity implementation beyond project completion. Our highly skilled experts take on responsibility of maintaining your IAM implementation.

Current State Assessment

CyberIAM assess your needs as a business and design an implementation plan by carrying out a maturity assessment, using our Virtual Identity Platform.

Professional Services

We offer a team of highly trained professionals to manage and run your project as part of our Professional Services offering.

Support Services

Our support packages provide a pool of hours delivered by our skilled engineers to assist your team with resolving any bugs and issues.