What is ServiceIAM

ServiceIAM; our multi-tenant cloud platform which enables CyberIAM to deliver the highest quality Managed Services which pertain to security standards, detection of problems and tracking of issues to fix them as quickly as possible. ServiceIAM provides a clean, efficient desktop overview of your security environment, making it easier to understand and act on the issues that are raised.

ServiceIAM offers:

  • Multi-Vendor

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  • Unique

    Brand new platform-based solution that gives visiblility of assets based on the risk.
  • Single Pane of glass

    See all your environments heath in once place no matter the vendor being used.
  • Environment Health

    Providing proactive action instead of reactive actions on issues with automation, speed and efficiency at the core of its development. A product that gives you the ability to see your full environment landscape.
  • Measure

    Measuring what good looks like by taking snapshots of how your environment is now compared to a months' time. Showing you an increase of security and reduction in risk.
  • Monitor

    Showing progress and displaying information on issues accruing in your environment.
  • Maintain

    Maintaining a high level of security is paramount. utilizing dashboards is the best way to see what is most important when it comes to your environment's health.
  • Alerts

    Be informed at a high level when an issues arises and be given the ability to not only timeline but also map out the issue.
  • Dashboards

    See multiple views customised for your way of working. See how the solutions works for you and not against you.
  • Evolution

    Customer driven developments and constant product & platform enhancements

Why is ServiceIAM beneficial to customers?

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  • Customer efficiency
  • Real time data
  • Easy to read dashboards
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Something Different

  • Pioneering Service through technology
  • Combining Privileged Access methodology with Identity Management to give businesses a cohesive experience

Want to see more?

ServiceIAM delivers on being a true single pane of glass view when it come to your environment’s health. With multiple vendor environments being able to be monitored, maintained, and managed in once easy to see platform. No multiple logins, no multiple windows, with no need to hirer multiple different personnel.

With our easy-to-use dashboard see the information that is most important to you in a style that suits your needs. ServiceIAM gives you the power to customise your own dashboards and even create news ones, so you’re always in the know of what is going on when it comes to the health of your environment.

ServiceIAM is here to work with you and not against you. Help drive the development therefore by engaging with us early and tell us what is most important for you to see.

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We are looking forward to building a safe environment for your business to thrive in and protecting your identities, so you don’t have to.